Our foals are handled daily with softness and patience in order to create a confidence bond with humans. From the first days of its life, they have continuous access to the pasture alongside their mother. A strict following of all shots, de-worming and hoof trimming is done from the start.

Mintse 384
The first filly of Desservettaz Stables was born on June 6th 2008 : Aalwyn van Desservettaz. We are very proud, Aalwyn is really beautiful! She has a wonderful morphology, a lot of action, reach and presence. She is a very kind filly, close to humans and very intelligent.

Aalwyn is from our mare, Imke, and the approved stallion Mintse 384. Her inbreeding coefficient is 3,71 %, wich is under the 5% recommended.

Aalwyn has been sold, but Imke's next foal from the same breeding is for sale.

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Aalwyn at 2 months