Desservettaz Stables are a small friesian horse breeding farm, oriented towards the quality of the horses and the great care given to them. All necessary measures are taken to obtain horses that will stand out from others by their conformation and their physical and mental development. Our goal is not only to breed friesian foals but mainly to try and get the best out of the friesian race, which makes its reputation.

We have imported our first mare, Imke, in July 2006. In a near future, we plan to acquire at least a second friesian mare.

We take great care in the selection of our broad mares in order to get high quality offsprings which correspond to the friesian standards, have a high athletic potential and that the pedigree allows a good stability in the transmission of its characteristics. We also select carefully the breeding stallions in order to make the best choice for each mare. The one who will complemente the mare features to produce a new generation superior to the past.

For many years, our horses have been living in a free stabling environment, meaning that they have free access to the inside as well as the outside of the stable at all time. This personal choice has been made after numerous readings and thoughts on the matter. The free stabling environment helps to regulate the movement of the horse, which plays a great part in his physical health (muscular, pulmonary, blood circulation, hooves health, etc) as well as his mental health. Even more, the environment favors the muscular metabolism, the bone structure, the pulmonary and the motor function development of the foal; it improves the formation of strong and healthy hooves and increases his immune system. A regular and rigorous veterinary follow-up is done. All vaccines, dewormings and other care are given according to a pre-approved program. We use an ethological method to handle and work our horses.

Since 2005, we started to use a natural hoof trimming approach. This technique gave us the opportunity to improve the hoof health of our horses and to increase their wellbeing. Since this field is in a constant evolution, we are keeping up to recent developments by reading and by participating to different clinics on the matter.

The application of all the above measures as a whole gives us the opportunity to offer you superior quality horses that will become excellent companions and partners in the fields that you will have chosen.

Imke, September 2006, Lunic Farm, Hatley